All Activities at One Place

Dashboard makes it easy to track all your activities. There are different sections such as Today’s Task, Schedule, All tasks, Chat. One can create folders, add tasks & Subtasks. Dashboard is automatically updated once you have added task. Dashboard also gives you a quick view of your collaborated tasks.


Easy & Fast Way to Communicate

WorkOn is a great way to share information related to the task or personal. Team members can send information back and forth without clogging up their inboxes. People don't always look at their email all the time. An email chain can get long and difficult to navigate.

Real-time chat features in WorkOn allows coworkers to stay on track without having to schedule pointless meetings, wasting productive time. Rather than scheduling a team meeting to address a question or issue, team leaders can simply ask questions in chat and get the information they need without carving out an hour or more on everyone's calendar.


Quickly Capture Tasks Anywhere

Create multiple tasks to achieve work-related or personal goals break down the large tasks into Subtasks so they become easy to accomplish. Categorize your list of tasks as to personal, professional, etc. Add details about the work you need to focus on.

For those working on projects, WorkOn lets them collaborate on shared task and lists so that it is easy to assign and discuss the project matters in real-time. Add attachments (Image, video, Docs) for better communication


Never Miss deadline

WorkOn helps you prioritize the tasks you need to carry out as well as remind you of its due dates. All are in one place so you don’t need to go anywhere else. It is a single organizer to help keep your personal and professional life in order.

Reminder helps you to stay focused without missing any task or deadline. Even you can send a reminder to others via SMS/ Gmail regarding any personal or professional goal.


Stay on Track

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by the enormous tasks and responsibilities paired by a list of deadlines that sometimes puts pressure on you because you can miss them, then it is about time that you should consider getting the key to efficiency. Set Due dates for each task will keep you on track so you can manage your time effectively.


Let Your Fingers do the Working

Having the ability to take notes on a device that you already carry around with you saves your time. Now, you can take notes related to tasks & subtasks which makes your job easier so that you don’t have to remember everything.

Make notes to capture important detail or information. Update it in Notes & save it forever. Never lose any information or Minute details by keeping notes.